Natural Stone

     Granite counter tops set the standard for counter top luxury whether used kitchen, bath or other applications.  Their beauty and uniqueness is unsurpassed.  No two pieces of granite are the same.  Granite is formed naturally and coloration and materials vary widely from mine to mine around the world.  Our goal is to continually adjust or colors to provide our clients with a good sampling of granites from around the world.  Do not see exactly what you want..... just ask us there are options far to numerous to list here.  They are almost totally impervious to heat and scratches.  Open flame will not cause in deteriation in the granite nor will it leave any burn or discoloration.  Granite is so hard the only items that can scratch it are another piece of granite or a diamond.  Care and maintenance is simple and minimal.  Granite will provide you years of worry free use and enjoyment in your kitchen.  Contact us today to learn how our skilled staff can assist with the kitchen of your dreams.

Please click here to view our current color selection.   "Natural Stone Colors"

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