• PaperStone is the 'greenest' architectural surface on the market today.
  • Common applications include interior counter tops, wall cladding, conference tables, signs, cutting boards, window sills, and toilet partitions.
  • PaperStone is also an excellent choice for rain screens
  • Most PaperStone products are made from post-consumer waste, recycled paper and proprietary, petroleum-free, phenolic resins. Organic pigments assure superior UV resistance, color stability and even color distribution through the entire panel
  • There are two series of recycled paper-based PaperStone products: 1) 'Original', which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard and 2) 'Certified',is made from 100% post-consumer standard office paper. It has been certified through the Smartwood program of the Rainforest Alliance to meet FSC standards. Paperstone made from virgin fiber is also available.
  • Depending upon the project, the use of PaperStone may contribute to several LEED credits.

How best used:

  • We recommend PaperStone for a wide variety of interior horizontal applications such as counters for kitchens, window sills and door thresholds. We also recommend these products for structural applications, landscape components, furniture, table tops and other manufactured products.
  • PaperStone Certified and Original both also work well in vertical applications such as toilet partitions, interior and exterior paneling, exterior cabinet work, and chair rail.
  • Standard panel sizes are 60" x 144" in standard thicknesses of 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4". Other panel thicknesses and sizes can be special ordered. Contact your distributor for details. What is PaperStone made of and why is knowing this important?
  • PaperStone is a composite made from recycled paper and proprietary, petroleum-free phenolic resins made from raw materials like cashew nut shell liquid.
  • Phenolic resin and paper composites have long been known to have superior tensile, compression, impact and flexural strengths. They are very abrasion resistant. They absorb very little water. They are the products of choice in applications requiring high fire resistance (PaperStone has a Class A fire rating). They are routinely specified for cutting boards and for very demanding, high-use, exterior applications like skateboard ramps.
  • PaperStone has a high modulus of elasticity.
  • PaperStone is resistant to staining in kitchen applications.
  • PaperStone can easily be worked with CNC-routers and lasers to produce signs and very intricately detailed architectural components. Layering different colored resin saturated sheets in the panel production process further expands the range of design options possible.
  • PaperStone has been thoroughly tested and certified as non-detectable for formaldehyde by the most demanding test available, the so-called desiccant method test.
  • Like all phenolic composites, PaperStone is subject to some color shifting with UV light exposure but, to the maximum extent possible, the coloring systems have been selected for color stability.
  • PaperStone is warm to the touch.

For a complete look at the PaperStone color palette please click on "PaperStone Colors"

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