Shower and Flat Panels

Showers are a specialty for us.  We can customize the shower of your dreams using one of our standard shower pans or a custom size up to 72" x 96".  Add that special touch with our trims, soap and shampoo holders, and either a bench or corner shower seat.  We can even construct you or your client custom handicap shower stalls.  

Standard Shower Pans


              36" x 36" Corner Shower Pan                                                  42" x 42" Corner Shower Pan


               36" x 36" Square Shower Pan                                                 36" x 48" Rectangle Shower Pan


             48" x 48" Square Shower Pan                                           32" x 60" Rectangle Shower Pan


                                              Standard Shower Pan cross section showing the water dam

Custom Shower Pans


                                                    Custom Shower Pan maximum dimensions


                                                       Threshhold for Custom Shower Pans

Flat Panels

Our flat panels can be manufactured up to seven feet by ten feet or five feet by thirteen feet maximum outside dimension.  Thicknesses can be either 3/8" or 3/4" thick.  Experience has proved that the 3/8" panels are excellent for vertical applications such as shower wall panels, and 3/4" panel are best suited for horizontal applications such as tub decks and threshholds.  Custom shapes can be manufactured in nearly any configuration.  Let us manufacture a tub deck and surround or a shower for your home.

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