SileStone is a natural quartz surface.  The pure quartz in SileStone gives it its crystalline depth of color and unparalleled durability.  With a wide color selection available the perfect space is easily created.  Many uses for SileStone include, kitchen counters, bath vanity tops, window sills, tub decks, shower and tub surrounds, and other uses limited only to your imagination.

At Country Marble we prefer to fabricate SileStone in the 3cm thickness.  This eliminate the laminated edge that many fabricators and home stores offer.  There is no line where the pieces are glued together and we have a stronger and more elegant finished counter top.  We believe that this is the highest quality way to provide your home with Silestone.  Upon request we can do the 2cm counters and we can provide 1cm material which is excellent for shower surrounds.

Care and maintenance is a breeze with Silestone.  The product NEVER needs to be sealed.  Cleaning involves washing it with soapy water or a mild, low ph household cleaner.  Some excellent cleaners include; Formula 409, Fantastic, Lysol, Windex or Bon Ami.

A 15 year warranty comes with every SileStone job.  We protect the orginial purchaser from any manufacturer defect during this time.  The warranty is not only backed by Country Marble but also the 70 plus year old company Cosentino, the manufacturer of SileStone.

Please let us use this exceptional quartz surface to fabricate the kitchen of your dreams.

To view the many exceptional colors of SileStone please click on "SileStone Colors"

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